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Frequently Asked Questions

When does registration open?

Registration for a typical season opens in December. Check the "Registration" Tab for exact dates.

What ages are eligible to play?

MNLL players are league ages 4-16 years old for baseball and 4-15 years old for softball.

What division should my child play in?

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Tee-Ball (Co-ed):  
Boys and Girls League ages 4-6 may play tee-ball.  In some cases, 7-year-olds may play tee-ball if they have never played before.

Minor – Coach Pitch (Softball & Baseball):  Boys & Girls league ages 6 through 8 may play rookie division.  In some cases, 9-year-olds may play down if they have never played before.  5-year-olds may play in this division if they have played 1 year of Tee Ball and there are no safety concerns.

Minors – Player Pitch (Softball & Baseball):  Boys & Girls League ages 7 through 11 may play minor division.  In some cases, 12-year-olds may play down to minor division, but they are NOT permitted to pitch and must sign a pitching waiver provided by the league.  Minor division players are required to try-out to assess skills to play in this division.  This is for player safety.

Majors – Player Pitch (Softball & Baseball):  Boys & Girls league ages 10 thru 12 may play major division.  In some rare cases 9-year-olds may play up into majors if they are assessed as having adequate playing experience.  Major Division players MUST try-out to ensure proper team placement.

Junior Softball - Player Pitch:  Girls league age 12 to 14 may play junior softball.  First year league age 12 players are highly encouraged to play either Majors or Minors.

Senior Baseball - Player Pitch:  Boys league age 13 to 16 may play senior baseball.

If I live outside of MNLL boundaries but want to play for Medford National, what do I have to do?

Any player who does not reside within or attend school within a league boundary is not able to participate in that league regardless of the age of the player, without a waiver issued by the Little League International Charter Committee in Williamsport, Pa.  Players that do not reside within a league boundary but attend a school that is physically located within the league boundary are permitted to participate in that league with full eligibility.

I live in East Medford/White City how do play for Little League?

Medford is divided into 2 leagues.  The children who live in East Medford/White City play for Medford American Little League.  The only way we can have a player who lives on east side (or any area outside our boundaries) play for us is to attend an accredited school within our boundaries.

How do I sign-up for Medford American Little League?

Medford American Little League —

I live in Phoenix how do I sign up to play for Little League?

Contact:  Phoenix Talent Little League

I live in Central Point how I sign up to play for Little League? 

For info on Central Point Little League:  

How much does it cost to play?

Tee-ball is $100 per player.

Coach Pitch, Minor, Majors, Junior, Senior Baseball and Softball is $140 per player.

Do you offer any discounts?

For registrations completed & paid for within the first 30 days of registration, there is an early bird discount.  This discount changes every year but is typically $10-$20 depending on the division of play. 

For families registering more 3 or more players, a $10 per player discount applies for the 3rd child and those after.

Must my child have medical and dental insurance to be eligible to play?

If you do not have insurance, just write none on the form.  Our insurance carrier asks for this so that if an injury occurs, they can work with the injured players insurance company.  It is not required to have insurance.

Why do I need to bring a birth certificate?

Birth Certificates are checked at registration to assure child is stated age.  If you do not have one, we will sign you up, but if child plays in post season tournament games (All Stars), we must have a copy or child won't be allowed to play. This is also true if child plays soccer and many other sports.  We check them at initial registration, so it reminds parents they need them and order them before June.

When will my child start practice?

Practices for all teams typically starts in mid-March.  Coaches/managers will contact parents once teams are assembled. 

When does game play begin and end?

Game play starts the first week of April and ends the first week of June

When is all-star season?

The all-star application process begins in mid to late May.  Teams are selected in early June; tournament play begins in mid-June.  MNLL tries to assemble as many all-star teams as possible.  Number of teams depends on number of eligible players.

What equipment do I need to purchase?

Your child will need a glove, bat, helmet, and sturdy shoes (cleats encouraged but not required). The League provides a jersey and hat (visor for softball). Most teams try and coordinate sock and pant colors, but it is not required. Rubber sole cleats are allowed only for tee-ball, rookies, minor and major divisions (junior softball and senior baseball can wear metal cleats). 

How many games per week are played and what time are games?

Tee-ball: 1-2 games per week (no travel required; all games are played at MNLL fields).

Coach Pitch boys/girls: 2 games per week (travel to other fields MAY be required).

Minor boys/girls: 2 games per week, rarely 3 (travel to other fields WILL be required).

Major Baseball: 2-3 games per week (travel to other fields WILL be required).

Major Softball: 2-3 games per week, possible double headers on Saturdays (Travel to other fields WILL be required).

Junior Softball: 2-3 games per week, possible double headers on Saturdays (Travel to other fields WILL be required).

Senior Baseball: 2-3 games per week, possible double headers on Saturdays (Travel to other fields Will be required).

Weekday games are played Monday through Friday and start at 5:30-6:00pm

Weekend games start as early as 9:00am. No games on Sundays.

What about weather?  When are games canceled?  Are they rescheduled?

If bad weather is in the forecast, field conditions will be checked by 4:00pm of every game day.  Announcements of cancellations will be posted on our website and Facebook.  Coaches will be notified at that time so they can contact parents.  Games can be rescheduled if coaches from both teams agree to do so and have checked field availability.  All-star guidelines require at least 12 games are scheduled per season and that 8 are played.

How can I become a volunteer?

On our website, go to the Registration Information pull-down menu & click on Volunteer Opportunities, further information is there to guide you.  All those who wish to volunteer in ANY capacity must pass a background check.

Where is Lost and Found located?

All Lost and found items are in the concession stand.  Items left at the end of the season will be donated.    

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